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Here you will find our newest offers that just came in. If you mark the machines in front of the lines you can ask for a quotation for all machines together - you will find them in the inquiery list in the right top corner of the page.

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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M08U/8568Quote request2 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-619786 mm
M08I/8593Quote request2 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-8XL19868 mm
M08E/8567Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI246 TR19972-8 mm
M08E/8603Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI243/TR19925 mm
M08E/8606Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI243/TR19945 mm
M08E/8604Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI243/TR19945 mm
M08I/8598Quote request4 die - 4 blow transfer headerMALMEDIEQPB411975/ 20053-6,5 mm
M10L/8622Quote requestboltmaker 4 die 4 blowNEDSCHROEFBV2198310 mm
D58E/8010Quote requestchain link fence machineVITARIMG420111,8-4,5 mm
M60L/8601Quote requestconveying beltMAYFRAN2091995420 mm
M60L/8600Quote requestconveying beltMAYFRAN2091995430 mm
M60L/8597Quote requestconveying beltGÖSSLING2071995400 mm
D02L/8020Quote requestdecoilerEIGENBAU900900
D02L/8011Quote requestdecoilerEIGENBAU150 cm
D02L/8018Quote requestdecoilerRENTRAAH 20T, mit Motor20151900 mm
M06L/8498Quote requestdouble blow headerNATIONALM34 S119794mm
M06E/8614Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVI780/SV19903-6,35 mm
M06E/8618Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVITM/CL19704-8 mm
M06E/8616Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVIRF/ML19768 mm
D20I/8021Quote requestdrawing machine - dryLÄMNEA BRUKSL 40020124 mm
D20E/8022Quote requestmultiple wire drawing machine - dryVEB8 Block2,5 mm
D20E/8023Quote requestmultiple wire drawing machine - drySKET7 Blocks6,5 mm
D56E/8014Quote requestpacking machineALTRIMEX10020035 kg
M20I/8620Quote requestrivet headerNATIONAL5119805 mm
M20I/8621Quote requestrivet headerNATIONAL5119805 mm
M20I/8619Quote requestrivet headerNATIONAL5119805 mm
M20E/8615Quote requestrivet headerSALVIRF/780/SV19913-6,35 mm
M20E/8617Quote requestrivet headerSALVIRF/GL19755-8 mm
M60L/8588Quote requestscrew drying machineMOC DANNERDolphin K2014
M60L/8583Quote requestscrew washing machineMOC DANNERShark 1002014
M12E/8596Quote requestsingle blow headerFIDEEFS-0-5019743-6 mm
M24I/8608Quote requestthread rolling machine - 2 rollsPEE-WEEP1019730,2-10 mm
M24E/8582Quote requestthread rolling machine - 3 rollsORT3RP24200025-100 mm
M60L/8478Quote requestvibratory feederSKAKO5020002000 mm
D06I/8019Quote requestwire and strip bending machineMACSOFTF 41219954-12 mm
D12E/8017Quote requestwire nail pressWAFIOSN752,0-3,8 mm
D12E/8016Quote requestwire nail pressWAFIOSS2003,8-6 mm