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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M06I/6243double blow headerNATIONAL31 LS19802-4 mm
M06I/8290double blow headerNATIONALM34 S119774mm
M20U/8295rivet headerNATIONAL3/16 Rlvitheader19845mm
M06I/8000double blow headerNATIONAL51MS19865 mm
M06E/7947double blow headerNATIONALM519776 mm
M06I/8208double blow headerNATIONALM519713-6mm
M12E/8142single blow headerNATIONALM6819748 mm
M06E/6466double blow headerNATIONALM68HSDSSD19688 mm
M10E/7334boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONAL5L419776-8 mm
M10E/7225boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONAL5L41976/20088,7 mm
M10I/8202boltmaker 3 die 3 blowNATIONAL5S319799 mm
M22I/7816roller headerNATIONAL32019804-10 mm
M08I/83612 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo5619764-10 mm
M08I/83572 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo56 CH19764-10 mm
M08I/83352 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo56 S119854-10 mm
M08I/83342 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo5619774-10 mm
M10E/7338boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONAL6L4197710 mm
M30I/6009cold nut formerNATIONALM5/16-S2198810 mm
M30E/5679cold nut formerNATIONAL3/8-S2197012 mm
M10E/7339boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONAL8L41977/201912 mm
M30I/6010cold nut formerNATIONAL3/8 S2198013,5 mm
M08E/76625 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL500 CF197514 mm
M08I/83362 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo8919776-14mm
M08I/83332 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo8919766-14mm
M10E/8073boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONAL8L41986/201313,5 mm
M10E/8117boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONALBM1/2197015 mm
M10E/7915boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONALBMS No.10199117mm
M08I/83315 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONALCF625-S3198519 mm
M06L/7704double blow headerNATIONALM20LS197010-20 mm
M30E/8272cold nut formerNATIONALM20 S2 CNFlate 80 s12-20mm
M10E/8116boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONALBM20197022 mm
M08I/76645 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL750-6CF197022 mm
M08L/84375 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL750197022 mm
M08E/64006 die - 6 blow transfer headerNATIONAL1000-7197728 mm
M30E/7382cold nut formerNATIONALCNF3/4198932 mm
M08E/73105 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL1250 CF197520-33,5 mm