In the following filter function you can limit the offered machines. To do this, select the values for which you want to filter. An empty field does not limit the selection (corresponds to "All").
The filter result is obtained by clicking on the magnifying glass.
If you mark the machines in front of the lines you can ask for a quotation for all machines together - you will find them in the inquiery list in the right top corner of the page.
Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M20L/6436Quote requestrivet headerSALVIRF/SV19740,8-3,0 mm
M06E/7952Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVIRFLM19751,3-3 mm
M06E/8121Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVITP2/CL19751-4 mm
M06L/8006Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVI476SV19802-4,76 mm
M08E/8603Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI243/TR19925 mm
M08E/8606Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI243/TR19945 mm
M08E/8604Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI243/TR19945 mm
M06E/8273Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVIRF635SV19843-6,35 mm
M06E/7099Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVI780/SV19863-6,35 mm
M06E/8614Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVI780/SV19903-6,35 mm
M20E/8615Quote requestrivet headerSALVIRF/780/SV19913-6,35 mm
M08E/8567Quote request2 die - 4 blow transfer headerSALVI246 TR19972-8 mm
M06E/8618Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVITM/CL19704-8 mm
M20E/8617Quote requestrivet headerSALVIRF/GL19755-8 mm
M06E/8616Quote requestdouble blow headerSALVIRF/ML19768 mm