Welcome to Helmut Steinfels GmbH & Co KG

We are your full-service-provider for the purchase and sale of used machinery of the wire and fastening industry with over 50 years of experience.

Our Services:

Buying and selling

With our large inventory of machinery stored by us and our partners, we are happy to help you in finding the right machinery for your needs. If you want to sell used machinery yourself, we will buy it or help you with the right customer.

Cleaning & maintenance

As soon as the machinery arrives in one of our warehouses, they will be perfectly cleaned, defective parts will be replaced and the machinery will be painted on customer's request.

Test run & virtual tour

After cleaning, the machinery is connected under power, we do a test run and create a short video for you. We are also happy to offer a Video- / WhatsApp-call, in which we are able to show you the machinery.

Storage & environment

We store our used machinery in a well heated, fully illuminated and solar-powered warehouse.


If you wish, we organize loading, as well as truck / container and heavy duty transport from the location of the machinery to you or in the case of a purchase from you to us. We offer this world wide, as we work together with the global shipping companies.

Since over 58 years HELMUT STEINFELS GMBH & CO. KG is one of the most important enterprises for the world-wide trade with second-hand machines for the wire and fastener industry. Our good relations with a multitude of producer and manufacturers of machines as well as the fast settlement between our customers and suppliers enabled us to reach this position in the market segment mentioned above. To have an idea about our sales program, please have a look at the following pages.

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