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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D32L/7511Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSUFM819590,2-0,8 mmD32L/7511 – WAFIOS – UFM8 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7747Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFS219750,2-0,9 mmD32L/7747 – WAFIOS – FS2 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7173Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSAS150,3-1,5mmD32E/7173 – WAFIOS – AS15 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7918Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL2219910.2-1.5 mmD32E/7918 – WAFIOS – FUL22 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7981Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFTU20,5-2 mmD32L/7981 – WAFIOS – FTU2 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7171Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSUFM300,8-3 mmD32E/7171 – WAFIOS – UFM30 - spring coiling machine
D32I/7214Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSZOS320011,0-3,2 mmD32I/7214 – WAFIOS – ZOS3 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7459Quote requestspring coiling machineXINDACNC 620-W20070,2-2,5 mmD32E/7459 – XINDA – CNC 620-W - spring coiling machine
D32L/7744Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFS3119950,2-2,5 mmD32L/7744 – WAFIOS – FS31 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7745Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSSFM25/7019700,5-2,5 mmD32L/7745 – WAFIOS – SFM25/70 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7925Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL319840,8-3 mmD32E/7925 – WAFIOS – FUL3 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7980Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSASF31,0-3,5 mmD32L/7980 – WAFIOS – ASF3 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7787Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFS4119950,8-4,0 mmD32L/7787 – WAFIOS – FS41 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7788Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFS4119950,8-4,0 mmD32L/7788 – WAFIOS – FS41 - spring coiling machine
D32L/8001Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFS519830,8-3,6 mmD32L/8001 – WAFIOS – FS5 - spring coiling machine
D32I/7989Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFM5019651-5 mmD32I/7989 – WAFIOS – FM50 - spring coiling machine
D32I/7662Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFTU 3.319980,5-6 mmD32I/7662 – WAFIOS – FTU 3.3 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7411Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFS619861,5-7 mmD32E/7411 – WAFIOS – FS6 - spring coiling machine
D32L/7864Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL81982/20002,0-9,0 mmD32L/7864 – WAFIOS – FUL8 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7529Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL1019834-16 mmD32E/7529 – WAFIOS – FUL10 - spring coiling machine
D32E/7687Quote requestspring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL1020005-16 mmD32E/7687 – WAFIOS – FUL10 - spring coiling machine
D32U/8035Quote requestspring coiling machineEIGENBAUCNC hot coiling201820-65 mmD32U/8035 – EIGENBAU – CNC hot coiling - spring coiling machine