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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D12E/7358wire nail pressWAFIOSN10,8-1,8 mm
D12E/7360wire nail pressWAFIOSN1119900,7-1,4 mm
D12L/7525wire nail pressWAFIOSS4019550,8-1,8 mm
D12L/7719wire nail pressWAFIOSN219790,8-1,8 mm
D12L/7720wire nail pressWAFIOSN2119930,8-1,8 mm
D12L/7628wire nail pressWAFIOSN5019691,0-2,2 mm
D12L/7651wire nail pressWAFIOSS5019661-2,2 mm
D12L/7802wire nail pressWAFIOSN319841,0-2,4 mm
D12E/7354wire nail pressWAFIOSDS501,0-2,8 mm
D12L/7776wire nail pressWAFIOSN80L19982,1 - 3,1 mm
D12L/7650wire nail pressWAFIOSS7519741,8-3,1 mm
D12L/7629wire nail pressWAFIOSS7519681,8-3,1 mm
D12L/7881wire nail pressWAFIOSN419711,8-3,4 mm
D12L/7786wire nail pressWAFIOSN4119861,8-3,4 mm
D12E/6934wire nail pressWAFIOSDS8019812,2-3,4 mm
D12E/6933wire nail pressWAFIOSDS8019612,2-3,4 mm
D12L/7838wire nail pressWAFIOSN4119901,8-3,4 mm
D12L/7840wire nail pressWAFIOSN4119861,8-3,4 mm
D12L/7839wire nail pressWAFIOSN4119861,8-3,4 mm
D12E/7906wire nail pressWAFIOSN51977/20012,2-4,2 mm
D12L/7882wire nail pressWAFIOSS11019722,2-3,8 mm
D12L/7543wire nail pressWAFIOSS11019752,2-3,8 mm
D12L/7634wire nail pressWAFIOSS14019793,1-4,6 mm
D12L/7633wire nail pressWAFIOSS14019693,1-4,6 mm
D12L/7626wire nail pressWAFIOSS14019743,1-4,6 mm
D12E/7571wire nail pressVITARIV2719708,0 mm
D12I/7891wire nail pressWAFIOSN819804,0-10,0 mm