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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M04L/4081pointing machineHILGELANDPN119662-6 mm
M04L/4099pointing machineHILGELANDPN119682-6 mm
M04L/4101pointing machineHILGELANDPN119642-6 mm
M04I/8418pointing machineMENNKM 1520002-8 mm
M04I/8417pointing machineMENNKM 1520002-8 mm
M04I/8408pointing machineHILGELANDPN219971,6-8 mm
M04E/8118pointing machineHILGELANDPN21985/20034-8 mm
M04E/8252pointing machineHILGELANDPN21987/20118 mm
D04I/7075pointing machineKROLLMANNDWU3_SFL19803-11 mm
D04I/7889pointing machineKROLLMANNHTVA3019943-11 mm
D04I/7893pointing machineKROLLMANNDWU-2/5-V19743-11 mm
M04L/7079pointing machineHILGELANDPN419696-12 mm
M04I/8429pointing machineHILGELANDPN6197020 mm
M04I/8415pointing machineHILGELANDPN419896-12 mm
M04I/8413pointing machineHILGELANDPN419866-12 mm
M04I/8411pointing machineHILGELANDPN419856-12 mm
M04L/7695pointing machineHILGELANDPN419876-12 mm
M04E/8123pointing machineINGRAMATICSMP1419975-14 mm
M04L/5927pointing machineHILGELAND LIZPN519888-16 mm
M04L/7486pointing machinePELTZER-EHLERSNBAM-16197516 mm
M04L/7692pointing machineHILGELANDPN619638-20 mm