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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D08I/7876Quote requeststraightening and cutting machineVITARINR1/S19821-4 mmD08I/7876 – VITARI – NR1/S - straightening and cutting machine
D58E/8208Quote requestchain link fence machineVITARIMG119751,5-3,4 mmD58E/8208 – VITARI – MG1 - chain link fence machine
D38E/8110Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA219804-6 mmD38E/8110 – VITARI – SA2 - chain welding machine
D38E/8111Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA219804-6 mmD38E/8111 – VITARI – SA2 - chain welding machine
D38E/8112Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA219824-6 mmD38E/8112 – VITARI – SA2 - chain welding machine
D38E/8113Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA219824-6 mmD38E/8113 – VITARI – SA2 - chain welding machine
D38E/8116Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISB19765-10 mmD38E/8116 – VITARI – SB - chain welding machine
D38E/8117Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISB19865-10 mmD38E/8117 – VITARI – SB - chain welding machine
D38E/8122Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA119792-4 mmD38E/8122 – VITARI – SA1 - chain welding machine
D38E/8123Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA210/774-6 mmD38E/8123 – VITARI – SA2 - chain welding machine
D38E/8124Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA119802-4 mmD38E/8124 – VITARI – SA1 - chain welding machine
D38E/8125Quote requestchain welding machineVITARISA219714-6 mmD38E/8125 – VITARI – SA2 - chain welding machine
D38E/8109Quote requestchain bending machineVITARICC2419804-6 mmD38E/8109 – VITARI – CC24 - chain bending machine
D38E/8120Quote requestchain bending machineVITARICC182-4 mmD38E/8120 – VITARI – CC18 - chain bending machine
D08E/7338Quote requeststraightening and cutting machineVITARINR1019793-10 mmD08E/7338 – VITARI – NR10 - straightening and cutting machine
D38E/8115Quote requestchain bending machineVITARICC29-319875-10 mmD38E/8115 – VITARI – CC29-3 - chain bending machine
D08I/7877Quote requeststraightening and cutting machineVITARINR319805-12 mmD08I/7877 – VITARI – NR3 - straightening and cutting machine
D12E/7610Quote requestwire nail pressVITARIV17/R19751,8-3,4 mmD12E/7610 – VITARI – V17/R - wire nail press
D12E/7607Quote requestwire nail pressVITARIV2019704,5 mmD12E/7607 – VITARI – V20 - wire nail press
D12E/7571Quote requestwire nail pressVITARIV2719708,0 mmD12E/7571 – VITARI – V27 - wire nail press