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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M06I/6243double blow headerNATIONAL31 LS19802-4 mm
M06E/7952double blow headerSALVIRFLM19751,3-3 mm
M06L/7877double blow headerNAKASHIMADAMH0519960,5-2,5 mm
M06L/7481double blow headerHEUERDSL419852-4 mm
M06L/7735double blow headerHILGELANDCH00KHAL19761-4 mm
M06I/8290double blow headerNATIONALM34 S119774mm
M06L/6061double blow headerHILGELAND LIZCH00KHA19801-4 mm
M06L/7122double blow headerWMWPAZM419602-4 mm
M06E/6173double blow headerSACMASP0119752-4 mm
M06I/8250double blow headerNAKASHIMADANS40A19934 mm
M06E/8121double blow headerSALVITP2/CL19751-4 mm
M06L/8006double blow headerSALVI476SV19802-4,76 mm
M06L/7477double blow headerHEUERDM5LS19722-5,2 mm
M06I/8000double blow headerNATIONAL51MS19865 mm
M06L/6895double blow headerHILGELANDCH0K19642-5 mm
M06I/7521double blow headerCHUN ZUCH-5L19905 mm
M06E/7947double blow headerNATIONALM519776 mm
M06L/7479double blow headerHEUERDL619743-6 mm
M06L/7570double blow headerHILGELANDCH1L19593-6 mm
M06L/7480double blow headerHEUERDSL619783-6 mm
M06I/6335double blow headerNAKASHIMADAH20A19806 mm
M06L/7123double blow headerWMWPKXEM619576 mm
M06E/8273double blow headerSALVIRF635SV19843-6,35 mm
M06L/8132double blow headerHILGELANDCH1SHA19813-6 mm
M06E/7099double blow headerSALVI780/SV19863-6,35 mm
M06I/8308double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP-619783-6,5mm
M06I/8307double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP-619763-6,5mm
M06I/8208double blow headerNATIONALM519713-6mm
M06I/6991double blow headerHILGELANDCH119603-6,5 mm
M06L/7476double blow headerHEUERDM5LS19713-6,2 mm
M06E/7953double blow headerSALVI635RF19813-6,35 mm
M06I/7438double blow headerCHUN ZUCH6LL19956,35 mm
M06I/7520double blow headerCHUN ZUCH-6L19923-6,35mm
M06E/7921double blow headerSACMASP2119858 mm
M06E/7922double blow headerSACMASP2119808 mm
M06L/8200double blow headerHILGELANDCH2KHA19754-8mm
M06I/8316double blow headerHILGELANDCH2KHA19664-8mm
M06I/8309double blow headerHILGELANDCH2A19754-8mm
M06L/6490double blow headerHILGELAND LIZCH219834-8 mm
M06E/6466double blow headerNATIONALM68HSDSSD19688 mm
M06L/7535double blow headerKLOSE - NATIONALMTHL 819844-8 mm
M06L/7022double blow headerKLOSEDPL919789 mm
M06L/7534double blow headerHILGELANDCH319845-10 mm
M06L/8075double blow headerHILGELANDCH3LA19765-10 mm
M06I/8433double blow headerHILGELANDCH3LA19815-10 mm
M06I/8306double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP-1019765,0-10 mm
M06I/8305double blow headerHILGELANDCH3CL19585-10 mm
M06I/8204double blow headerHILGELANDCH3A19808-10 mm
M06L/8275double blow headerCHUN ZUCH10LL19886-10 mm
M06I/7205double blow headerCHUN ZUC0H 10-L19975-10 mm
M06I/8310double blow headerHILGELANDCH419616-12 mm
M06I/8045double blow headerHILGELANDCH4KHA19706-12 mm
M06L/8201double blow headerFIDEEF18019766-14 mm
M06I/8314double blow headerHILGELANDCH5 C197216 mm
M06L/7593double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP16197218 mm
M06L/7704double blow headerNATIONALM20LS197010-20 mm
M06L/7298double blow headerHILGELANDCH6V197210-20 mm
M06I/8315double blow headerHILGELANDCH6196310-20 mm