Stocklist – Fastener industry

The machines are located in our warehouse in Norderstedt / Germany. It is possible to inspect the machine in running condition but without material. If you mark the machines in front of the lines you can ask for a quotation for all machines together - you will find them in the inquiery list in the right top corner of the page.

Stock list of the category:
All machines
Wire industry

Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M08L/75672 die - 2 blow transfer headerOMEGA122CL19898,5 mm
M08L/75692 die - 2 blow transfer headerOMEGA122CL19898,5 mm
M08L/80012 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMAORH120198814 mm
M08L/71622 die - 3 blow transfer headerHILGELANDCF5AZ19798-16 mm
M08L/80654 die - 4 blow transfer headerMALMEDIEK64198116-30 mm
M08L/82424 die - 4 blow transfer headerHATEBURBKA219726-14mm
M08L/82414 die - 4 blow transfer headerHATEBURBKA319758-16 mm
M08L/76464 die - 4 blow transfer headerSACMASP2519776 - 12 mm
M08L/75164 die - 4 blow transfer headerPELTZER-EHLERSGB1197012 mm
M08L/72955 die - 5 blow transfer headerHATEBURAKP 4-51978/0620 mm
M08L/84375 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL750197022 mm
M08L/75335 die - 5 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADAMST50819984-10 mm
M10L/8069boltmaker 4 die 4 blowKIESERLINGBG14S19844-8 mm
M10L/8297boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNEDSCHROEFBS219715-8 mm
M60L/7050compressorCOMPAIR CYCLON33719977,5 bar
M60L/8261conveying beltGÖSSLING200 mm
M60L/7825conveying beltMAYFRAN2 1/21977280 mm
M60L/7824conveying beltGÖSSLING2071999300 mm
M60L/7996conveying beltANGORAMH SDI1984200 mm
M60L/7311conveying beltBILWINCOAISI 3042001250 mm
M60L/8181conveying beltGEPE1501985150 mm
M60L/7425crankshaft for Hilgeland C0LHHILGELANDC0LH20143-6 mm
M60L/8303decoiler with brakeEIGENBAU150020181200mm
M06L/7534double blow headerHILGELANDCH319845-10 mm
M06L/7481double blow headerHEUERDSL419852-4 mm
M06L/7735double blow headerHILGELANDCH00KHAL19761-4 mm
M06L/8075double blow headerHILGELANDCH3LA19765-10 mm
M06L/8006double blow headerSALVI476SV19802-4,76 mm
M06L/7704double blow headerNATIONALM20LS197010-20 mm
M06L/7477double blow headerHEUERDM5LS19722-5,2 mm
M06L/8200double blow headerHILGELANDCH2KHA19754-8mm
M06L/7479double blow headerHEUERDL619743-6 mm
M06L/7570double blow headerHILGELANDCH1L19593-6 mm
M06L/7480double blow headerHEUERDSL619783-6 mm
M06L/7298double blow headerHILGELANDCH6V197210-20 mm
M06L/6061double blow headerHILGELAND LIZCH00KHA19801-4 mm
M06L/7122double blow headerWMWPAZM419602-4 mm
M06L/6895double blow headerHILGELANDCH0K19642-5 mm
M06L/7123double blow headerWMWPKXEM619576 mm
M06L/8132double blow headerHILGELANDCH1SHA19813-6 mm
M06L/7593double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP16197218 mm
M06L/8201double blow headerFIDEEF18019766-14 mm
M06L/6490double blow headerHILGELAND LIZCH219834-8 mm
M06L/8275double blow headerCHUN ZUCH10LL19886-10 mm
M06L/7022double blow headerKLOSEDPL919789 mm
M06L/7535double blow headerKLOSE - NATIONALMTHL 819844-8 mm
M06L/7476double blow headerHEUERDM5LS19713-6,2 mm
M06L/7877double blow headerNAKASHIMADAMH0519960,5-2,5 mm
M28L/6883finishing latheRORSCHACHFA219754-6 mm
M28L/7009finishing latheRORSCHACHFA219754-6 mm
M28L/8155finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219804-6 mm
M28L/8154finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219794-6 mm
M28L/7640finishing latheRORSCHACHGF319773,5-10 mm
M34L/8163nut tapperNUTAPMAS20-NV1977/201812-20mm
M34L/6890nut tapperNUTAPMA51980M25-M52
M04L/8158pointing and pincing machineTAIHEITHP-11L19896,0 mm
M04L/5692pointing and pincing machineINGRAMATICPA219761,7-6,4 mm
M04L/6382pointing and pincing machineINGRAMATICPA319774-8 mm
M04L/5927pointing machineHILGELAND LIZPN519888-16 mm
M04L/7079pointing machineHILGELANDPN419696-12 mm
M04L/4081pointing machineHILGELANDPN119662-6 mm
M04L/4099pointing machineHILGELANDPN119682-6 mm
M04L/4101pointing machineHILGELANDPN119642-6 mm
M04L/7692pointing machineHILGELANDPN619638-20 mm
M04L/7486pointing machinePELTZER-EHLERSNBAM-16197516 mm
M04L/7695pointing machineHILGELANDPN419876-12 mm
M38L/8146pre-drawing machineBREITENBACHVZ45/521.2376199716,5 mm
M38L/8269pre-drawing machineRMG67-20143-66199011 mm
M38L/6998pre-drawing machineRMG34-0372-75E19886,4 mm
M38L/7004pre-drawing machineRMG34-0260-01KR19886,4 mm
M38L/7659pre-drawing machineRMG45-0554-0119918 mm
M38L/7658pre-drawing machineRMG56-0776-8519868 mm
M38L/7258pre-drawing machineRMGT67-20121-67198711 mm
M38L/7611pre-drawing machineTECNO IMPIANTISKP619972 -6 mm
M40L/7176pre-straightening machineKOCHKAM2019798-20 mm
M52L/8161preheaterEIGENBAU3-6mm19903-6 mm
M60L/7988regrinding machine for teeth of sawsTEMPOASG 200A197020-400 mm
M20L/6436rivet headerSALVIRF/SV19740,8-3,0 mm
M18L/6138shank slotterGREFE19656 mm
M24L/8270thread rolling machine - 2 rollsWMWUPW631981250 mm
M14L/6959thread rolling machine - flat dieHILGELANDTR4PN19756-12 mm
M14L/7985thread rolling machine - flat dieTLMRP419971,7-4 mm
M14L/7552thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW6219798 mm
M14L/7680thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2319950,8- 3 mm
M14L/7679thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2320000,5- 3 mm
M14L/8196thread rolling machine - flat dieSASPIGV3-2019874-12 mm
M14L/8195thread rolling machine - flat dieSASPIGV5-4019935-18 mm
M14L/8268thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW621978M8
M14L/6907thread rolling machine - flat dieMALMEDIEAG1319708-16 mm
M14L/6491thread rolling machine - flat dieHILGELANDTR619758-20 mm
M14L/6058thread rolling machine - flat dieMENN-LIZ.GW6219833-8 mm
M14L/6024thread rolling machine - flat dieMENN-LIZ.GW6219923-8 mm
M14L/7148thread rolling machine - flat diePELTZER-EHLERSNKWK819718 mm
M14L/7179thread rolling machine - flat diePELTZER-EHLERSFWK619796 mm
M14L/8126thread rolling machine - flat dieCHUN ZUDPR-12 S19976-12 mm
M14L/8133thread rolling machine - flat diePELTZER-EHLERSNKW12-ST819716-12mm
M14L/7747thread rolling machine - flat dieHILGELANDTR3L19805-10 mm
M14L/8449thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW5119702,5-6mm
M14L/6003thread rolling machine - flat dieMENN-LIZGW6219893-8 mm
M14L/8193thread rolling machine - flat dieSASPIGV3-2019944-12 mm
M14L/7788thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2319990,8- 3 mm
M14L/8007thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW321995/20181,6-4 mm
M14L/7080thread rolling machine - flat dieHILGELANDTR319625-10 mm
M14L/6106thread rolling machine - planetary dieSIMARAP1119836-12 mm
M14L/6458thread rolling machine - planetary dieINGRAMATICGR219753-8 mm
M02L/7647trimming machineHILGELANDME2VSP1977M8
M02L/7787trimming machineHILGELANDME2VM19832,2-8 mm
M02L/7536trimming machinePELTZER-EHLERSAAG1019626-10 mm
M02L/7649trimming machineHILGELANDME419656-12 mm
M02L/6992trimming machineHILGELANDME2SP19652,6-8 mm
M28L/5978wood screw milling machineRORSCHACHGF119704 mm
M28L/5633wood screw milling machineRORSCHACHGF219704-6 mm
M28L/5982wood screw milling machineRORSCHACHGF219702-4 mm