Special offers

On this page we selected some machines were we like to get your special attention! If you mark the machines in front of the lines you can ask for a quotation for all machines together - you will find them in the inquiery list in the right top corner of the page.

Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M08I/84422 die - 2 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADATH2-8G19918 mm
M08L/75672 die - 2 blow transfer headerOMEGA122CL19898,5 mm
M08I/83172 die - 2 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADATH2-6A19846 mm
M08I/83112 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT10B198010 mm
M08L/71622 die - 3 blow transfer headerHILGELANDCF5AZ19798-16 mm
M08I/84443 die - 3 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADATH3-10A199210 mm
M08I/83223 die - 3 blow transfer headerJERN YAOJBF-13B3S199510 mm
M08I/83203 die - 3 blow transfer headerJERN YAOJBF-17B3S199012 mm
M30I/83235 die 5 blow cold nut formerJERN YAOJNF-13B5SL19958 mm
M10L/8069boltmaker 4 die 4 blowKIESERLINGBG14S19844-8 mm
M10L/8297boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNEDSCHROEFBS219715-8 mm
M60L/7050compressorCOMPAIR CYCLON33719977,5 bar
M06L/7704double blow headerNATIONALM20LS197010-20 mm
M06I/8306double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP-1019765,0-10 mm
M06I/8305double blow headerHILGELANDCH3CL19585-10 mm
M06I/8316double blow headerHILGELANDCH2KHA19664-8mm
M06I/8315double blow headerHILGELANDCH6196310-20 mm
M06I/8314double blow headerHILGELANDCH5 C197216 mm
M06I/8310double blow headerHILGELANDCH419616-12 mm
M06I/8309double blow headerHILGELANDCH2A19754-8mm
M06I/8308double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP-619783-6,5mm
M06I/8307double blow headerPELTZER-EHLERSDKP-619763-6,5mm
M06L/7022double blow headerKLOSEDPL919789 mm
M28L/8155finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219804-6 mm
M04L/7692pointing machineHILGELANDPN619638-20 mm
M04L/7695pointing machineHILGELANDPN419876-12 mm
D02L/7883polishing drumWREDEPT 11250x700mm