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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D08L/7653straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD219710,8-2 mm
D08L/7652straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD219710,8-2 mm
D08L/7763straightening and cutting machineSASPI2010119903-10 mm
D08L/7656straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD219610,8-2 mm
D08L/7657straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD119610,5-1,6 mm
D08L/7654straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD21971/19930,8-2 mm
D08E/7175straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSREL219951,6 - 3,0 mm
D08E/7892straightening and cutting machineWMWUDARA4ca 19841,0-4,0 mm
D08E/7187straightening and cutting machineWMWUDARA6319782-6,3 mm
D08I/7872straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR7/5019601,5-7 mm
D08L/7898straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR32B20011,5-7,0mm
D08I/7886straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR3119861,5-7,0mm
D08L/7603straightening and cutting machineDEITERSDaE19771-8 mm
D08L/7602straightening and cutting machineDEITERSDaE19771-8 mm
D08E/7338straightening and cutting machineVITARINR1019793-10 mm
D08E/7291straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSRS44-10 mm
D08I/7581straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSRS44-10 mm
D08L/7601straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSRS4119803-10 mm
D08L/7600straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSRS40S19804-10 mm
D08L/7817straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR4119903-10 mm
D08I/7876straightening and cutting machineVITARINR119823-10 mm
D08I/7877straightening and cutting machineVITARINR319805-12 mm
D08L/7863straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR51PL19907-14 mm
D08E/6863straightening and cutting machineDELISIPOLI16P19843-16 mm