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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D12E/8132Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA03SHR20161,9-2,5 mmD12E/8132 – ENKOTEC – NA03SHR - wire nail press
D12E/8151Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA05 SH20111,8-2,5 mmD12E/8151 – ENKOTEC – NA05 SH - wire nail press
D12E/8154Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA03SH19871,9-2,5 mmD12E/8154 – ENKOTEC – NA03SH - wire nail press
D12E/8157Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA03SH20051,9-2,5 mmD12E/8157 – ENKOTEC – NA03SH - wire nail press
D12E/8163Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNC0120002,5 - 3,1 mmD12E/8163 – ENKOTEC – NC01 - wire nail press
D12E/8160Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA0219972,2-3,1 mmD12E/8160 – ENKOTEC – NA02 - wire nail press
D12E/8128Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA04R20162,0-3,2 mmD12E/8128 – ENKOTEC – NA04R - wire nail press
D12E/8130Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA05R20162,0-3,2 mmD12E/8130 – ENKOTEC – NA05R - wire nail press
D12E/8148Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA05 HM20112,0-3,2 mmD12E/8148 – ENKOTEC – NA05 HM - wire nail press
D12E/8150Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA05 HD20112,0-3,4 mmD12E/8150 – ENKOTEC – NA05 HD - wire nail press
D12E/8152Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA05 HM20112,0-3,2 mmD12E/8152 – ENKOTEC – NA05 HM - wire nail press
D12E/8153Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA0520002,0-3,2 mmD12E/8153 – ENKOTEC – NA05 - wire nail press
D12E/8156Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA05 HDR20182,0-3,4 mmD12E/8156 – ENKOTEC – NA05 HDR - wire nail press
D12E/8158Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA03HM20082,0-3,2 mmD12E/8158 – ENKOTEC – NA03HM - wire nail press
D12E/8159Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA0520042,0-3,2 mmD12E/8159 – ENKOTEC – NA05 - wire nail press
D12E/8134Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA03HD20082.2-3.4 mmD12E/8134 – ENKOTEC – NA03HD - wire nail press
D12E/8136Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA03HD20102,2-3,4 mmD12E/8136 – ENKOTEC – NA03HD - wire nail press
D12E/8140Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA0319832.2-3.4 mmD12E/8140 – ENKOTEC – NA03 - wire nail press
D12E/8141Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA0320042.2-3.4 mmD12E/8141 – ENKOTEC – NA03 - wire nail press
D12E/8165Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNA0419972,0-3,2 mmD12E/8165 – ENKOTEC – NA04 - wire nail press
D12E/8126Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNB032004-20162.8-4.2 mmD12E/8126 – ENKOTEC – NB03 - wire nail press
D12E/8133Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNB0120082.8-4.2 mmD12E/8133 – ENKOTEC – NB01 - wire nail press
D12E/8135Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNB0119882.8-4.2 mmD12E/8135 – ENKOTEC – NB01 - wire nail press
D12E/8139Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNB0119942.8-4.2 mmD12E/8139 – ENKOTEC – NB01 - wire nail press
D12E/8144Quote requestwire nail pressENKOTECNB0120042.8-4.2 mmD12E/8144 – ENKOTEC – NB01 - wire nail press