Straightening and cutting machines

Here you find an overview of all Straightening and cutting machines we can offer at the moment. If you mark the machines in front of the lines you can ask for a quotation for all machines together - you will find them in the inquiery list in the right top corner of the page.

Offer numberManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D08L/7653BÜNDGENSUD219710,8-2 mm
D08L/7652BÜNDGENSUD219710,8-2 mm
D08L/7763SASPI2010119903-10 mm
D08L/7656BÜNDGENSUD219610,8-2 mm
D08L/7657BÜNDGENSUD119610,5-1,6 mm
D08L/7654BÜNDGENSUD21971/19930,8-2 mm
D08E/7175WAFIOSREL219951,6 - 3,0 mm
D08I/7868WAFIOSR2119901-4 mm
D08E/7892WMWUDARA41,0-4,0 mm
D08E/7187WMWUDARA6319782-6,3 mm
D08I/7872WAFIOSR7/5019601,5-7 mm
D08L/7603DEITERSDaE19771-8 mm
D08L/7602DEITERSDaE19771-8 mm
D08E/7338VITARINR1019793-10 mm
D08E/7291WAFIOSRS44-10 mm
D08I/7581WAFIOSRS44-10 mm
D08L/7601WAFIOSRS4119803-10 mm
D08L/7600WAFIOSRS40S19804-10 mm
D08L/7817WAFIOSR4119903-10 mm
D08I/7876VITARINR119823-10 mm
D08I/7877VITARINR319805-12 mm
D08I/7780DECOUXDC 6-1319886-13 mm
D08E/7489MUBEARAVM 15,5S19916-14 mm
D08E/7540RAVNIBetor 6161990/126-14 mm
D08L/7863WAFIOSR51PL19907-14 mm
D08E/6863DELISIPOLI16P19843-16 mm