In the following filter function you can limit the offered machines. To do this, select the values for which you want to filter. An empty field does not limit the selection (corresponds to "All").
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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M28I/8458finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219804-6 mm
M28I/8462finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219794-6 mm
M28I/8461finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219874-6 mm
M28I/8460finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219854-6 mm
M28I/8459finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219854-6 mm
M28I/8451finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219954-6 mm
M28I/8455finishing latheTRANSCOCNC9020004-6 mm
M28I/8454finishing latheTRANSCOCNC9020014-6 mm
M28I/8452finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219954-6 mm
M28L/8155finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219804-6 mm
M28L/8154finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219794-6 mm