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Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
D02L/7771tool grinding machineUNBEKANNT21970
D02L/7770tool grinding machineUNBEKANNT21970
D02L/7767tool grinding machineWAFIOSMSD5001976
D02L/7766tool grinding machineWAFIOSMSE5001960
D02L/7765tool grinding machineWAFIOSMSD5001960
M54E/8160furnacePROTEMAX14311999200 mm
D02L/7665tool grinding machineWAFIOSMSD5001976
D44I/7300testing machineLOSENHAUSENUPM 40ca. 196020 - 400 kN
D02L/7830various machinesEIGENBAUDoppelablaufhaspelohne Motor
D32U/7845spring coiling machineWAFIOSFTU1.219900,2-1 mm
D32L/7747spring coiling machineWAFIOSFS2ca 19750,2-0,9 mm
D32L/7511spring coiling machineWAFIOSUFM819590,2-0,8 mm
D46E/7879hexagonal wire netting machineWAFIOSHDS3319700,6-1,6 mm
D32E/7424spring coiling machineNORTHEAST COMPANYEN-CNC 50120030,1-1,8 mm
D32L/7822spring coiling machineWAFIOSFSR2219990,3-1,8 mm
D32L/7744spring coiling machineWAFIOSFS3119950,2-1,8 mm
D08L/7653straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD219710,8-2 mm
D08L/7652straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD219710,8-2 mm
D08L/7763straightening and cutting machineSASPI2010119903-10 mm
D32E/7173spring coiling machineWAFIOSAS150,3-1,5mm
D46U/7464hexagonal wire netting machineWAFIOSSF2119680,6-1,1 mm
D46E/7522hexagonal wire netting machineWAFIOSSF2319770,7-2,2 mm
D32L/7431spring coiling machineHACKBSF 2S + ASF20,5 - 1,8
D32I/7215spring coiling machineWAFIOSFTU219820,5-2 mm
D08L/7656straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD219610,8-2 mm
D08L/7657straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD119610,5-1,6 mm
D08L/7654straightening and cutting machineBÜNDGENSUD21971/19930,8-2 mm
D32L/7869spring coiling machineSCHENKERFA-70S19772-7mm
D58E/7749chain link fence machineWAFIOSDF31,5-2,8 mm
D08L/7039straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR119700,5-2,2mm
M08U/82532 die - 3 blow microformerNAKASHIMADAMF22020002,5 mm
M14L/7680thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2319950,8- 3 mm
M14L/7679thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2320000,5- 3 mm
D06E/7509wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3019920,5 - 3,0 mm
D06E/7615wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3019790,5 - 3,0 mm
D46E/7578hexagonal wire netting machineWAFIOSSSF3519723 mm
M20L/6436rivet headerSALVIRF/SV19740,8-3,0 mm
D32E/7559spring coiling machineOMDT319970,6-3 mm
M06U/8190rotating 3 – die headerHILGELANDHC3-35A20001-3 mm
M14I/7114thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2219761-3 mm
M06I/6243double blow headerNATIONAL31 LS19802-4 mm
D32I/7328spring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL3119870,4-2,5 mm
D32L/7745spring coiling machineWAFIOSSFM25/70ca 19700,5-2,5 mm
M06L/7997double blow headerSALVIRF/SV19770,8-3,0 mm
D58L/7683chain link fence machineWAFIOSVDF8019801,6-3,8 mm
D34U/7169mesh welderJÄGERNSA19720,5-2,5 mm
D58E/7368chain link fence machineDRAWEBA SKETUDAFV60/IIx200019871,5-2,8mm
D32I/7214spring coiling machineWAFIOSZOS320011,0-3,2 mm
D08E/7175straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSREL219951,6 - 3,0 mm
D58I/7179ring lock fence machineWAFIOSKGA219862,5 - 3,25 mm
D32E/7459spring coiling machineXINDACNC 620-W20070,2-2,5 mm
D06L/7457wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM2519630,5-2,5 mm
D06E/7054wire and strip bending machineFINZERZUB-20019883 mm
D48E/7705barbed wire machineMALMEDIEGV-BAN1,3-2,8 mm
D58E/7448chain link fence machineWAFIOSDF319901,5-2,8 mm
D32E/7171spring coiling machineWAFIOSUFM300,8-3 mm
D06L/7298wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM280,5-3 mm
D32E/7423spring coiling machineHTC25CF19970,5-2,5 mm
D06I/7815wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3019790,5-3 mm
D06I/7816wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3019800,5-3 mm
M14L/7788thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW2319990,8- 3 mm
M06E/7952double blow headerSALVIRFLM19751,3-3 mm
M06L/7877double blow headerNAKASHIMADAMH0519960,5-2,5 mm
D06L/7646wire and strip bending machineMRPUB41-4 mm
M06E/8255double blow headerSACMASP01c19794 mm
M06L/7481double blow headerHEUERDSL419852-4 mm
M06L/7735double blow headerHILGELANDCH00KHAL19761-4 mm
M14L/7985thread rolling machine - flat dieTLMRP419971,7-4 mm
M06E/8254double blow headerSACMASP01c70's4 mm
M06I/8290double blow headerNATIONALM34 S119774mm
D08I/7868straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR2119901-4 mm
M14E/8278thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW3219941,6-4 mm
M14E/8178thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW3219741,6-4 mm
D06L/7849wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM4019900,5-4,0 mm
D06L/7848wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3519840,5-4,0 mm
D06L/7850wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM4019840,5-4,0 mm
D32L/7788spring coiling machineWAFIOSFS4119950,8-4,0 mm
D58L/7670chain link fence machineWAFIOSVDF8019631,5-3,8 mm
M12L/6389single blow headerHILGELANDCH00KEA19701-4 mm
M12L/6236single blow headerHILGELANDCH00KE19771-4 mm
M06L/6061double blow headerHILGELAND LIZCH00KHA19801-4 mm
M06L/7122double blow headerWMWPAZM419602-4 mm
M06E/6173double blow headerSACMASP0119752-4 mm
M28L/5978wood screw milling machineRORSCHACHGF119704 mm
D06L/7847wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3519770,5-3,5 mm
M06I/8250double blow headerNAKASHIMADANS40A19934 mm
D58L/7544chain link fence machineWAFIOSVDF8019631,5-3,8 mm
M28L/5982wood screw milling machineRORSCHACHGF219702-4 mm
D58E/7487chain link fence machineWAFIOSAF301,6 - 3,8
D58E/7269chain link fence machineWAFIOSAF3019651,5-3,8 mm
D06I/7096wire and strip bending machineWAFIOSVDUA10019741,5 -4,0 mm
D06L/7249wire and strip bending machineBIHLERRM3519750,5-3,5 mm
D58E/7473chain link fence machineWAFIOSAF301,5-3,8 mm
D32L/7787spring coiling machineWAFIOSFS4119950,8-4,0 mm
M06E/8121double blow headerSALVITP2/CL19751-4 mm
M14L/8007thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW321995/20181,6-4 mm
D08E/7892straightening and cutting machineWMWUDARA41,0-4,0 mm
M06L/8006double blow headerSALVI476SV19802-4,76 mm
D06I/7783wire and strip bending machineBIHLERBM30620035 mm