We sell machinery ex LS BOESNER – NEUWIED

On this page we would like to draw your attention to interesting machines for the fastener industry that we have just bought at company LS BOESNER in Neuwied. These machines won’t be on the planed auction , they are still on site and some of them can still be seen while they are in running condition and you can buy them only exclusivly with us. .

* STEINFELS KG * is selling machines from LS Boesner in Neuwied upfront the auction

If you mark the machines in front of the lines you can ask for a quotation for all machines together - you will find them in the inquiery list in the right top corner of the page.

Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØImage
M08I/84422 die - 2 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADATH2-8G19918 mm
M08I/83532 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-6XL19856 mm
M08I/83522 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-67519887 mm
M08I/83512 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMAAT81019908 mm
M08I/83502 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-8XL19868 mm
M08I/83402 die - 2 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX32M199611 mm
M08I/83172 die - 2 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADATH2-6A19846 mm
M08I/83112 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT10B198010 mm
M08L/80012 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMAORH120198814 mm
M08I/83612 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo5619764-10 mm
M08I/83602 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI-SUNACRH120199515 mm
M08I/83592 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMARH80199211 mm
M08I/83572 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo56 CH19764-10 mm
M08I/83362 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo8919776-14mm
M08I/83352 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo56 S119854-10 mm
M08I/83342 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo5619774-10 mm
M08I/83332 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNo8919766-14mm
M08I/83292 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI-SUNACRH80200011 mm
M08I/83282 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMARH6019888,5 mm
M08I/83272 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMARH6019898,5 mm
M08I/84443 die - 3 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADATH3-10A199210 mm
M08I/83373 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAX PLUSFXP43S200116 mm
M08I/83223 die - 3 blow transfer headerJERN YAOJBF-13B3S199510 mm
M08I/83203 die - 3 blow transfer headerJERN YAOJBF-17B3S199012 mm
M08I/84214 die - 4 blow transfer headerMALMEDIEQPB161197010-26 mm
M08I/83564 die - 4 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMAAF1513-4198815 mm
M08I/83544 die - 4 blow transfer headerHATEBURBKA219756-12 mm
M08I/83424 die - 4 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX34M199011 mm
M08I/83454 die - 4 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX44L199314,8 mm
M08I/83444 die - 4 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX44M199214,8 mm
M08I/84194 die - 4 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX54L199017,8 mm
M08I/84204 die - 4 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX54M199017,8 mm
M08I/83495 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX25M19909 mm
M08I/83315 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONALCF625-S3198519 mm
M08I/83435 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX35M198911 mm
M08I/83395 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAX PLUSFXP45M200016 mm
M08L/76675 die - 5 blow transfer headerNATIONAL FORMAXFX55M199018 mm
M08L/75335 die - 5 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADAMST50819984-10 mm
M30I/83235 die 5 blow cold nut formerJERN YAOJNF-13B5SL19958 mm
M06L/7704double blow headerNATIONALM20LS197010-20 mm
M06I/8433double blow headerHILGELANDCH3LA19815-10 mm
M28I/8458finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219804-6 mm
M28I/8462finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219794-6 mm
M28I/8461finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219874-6 mm
M28I/8460finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219854-6 mm
M28I/8459finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219854-6 mm
M28I/8451finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219954-6 mm
M28I/8455finishing latheTRANSCOCNC9020004-6 mm
M28I/8454finishing latheTRANSCOCNC9020014-6 mm
M28I/8452finishing latheTRANSCOAUDREMA 803219954-6 mm
M14I/8376flat die thread rolling machineINGRAMATICRP2R19773-8 mm
M42I/8436hobbing pressSACK&KIESSELBACHEP5001952500 to
M14I/8373planetary die thread rolling machineINGRAMATICGR319776-12 mm
M04I/8429pointing machineHILGELANDPN6197020 mm
M04I/8418pointing machineMENNKM 1520002-8 mm
M04I/8417pointing machineMENNKM 1520002-8 mm
M04I/8415pointing machineHILGELANDPN419896-12 mm
M04I/8413pointing machineHILGELANDPN419866-12 mm
M04I/8411pointing machineHILGELANDPN419856-12 mm
M04I/8408pointing machineHILGELANDPN219971,6-8 mm
M14I/8428thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW120-140 HS19924-20 mm
M14I/8427thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW120-140 HS19978-20 mm
M14I/8426thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW120-140HS19908-20 mm
M14I/8425thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNAF10199912 mm
M14I/8424thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNAF101200612 mm
M14I/8423thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNFW100199712 mm
M14I/8401thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW120-H19896-16 mm
M14I/8400thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW120-140 HS19924-20 mm
M14I/8397thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW83L+ KOM 819904-12 mm
M14I/8392thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW5219783-6 mm
M14I/8391thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW821989M5-M10
M14I/8390thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW631977M3,5-M8
M14I/8389thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW6319773-8 mm
M14I/8388thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW6319783-8 mm
M14I/8387thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW631977M3,5-M8
M14I/8386thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW6319793-8 mm
M14I/8385thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW8219815-10mm
M14I/8384thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW8219805-10mm
M14I/8382thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW8219825-10mm
M14I/8381thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNAF10199612 mm
M14I/8380thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNFW80199811 mm
M14I/8378thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNAF101200612 mm
M14I/8372thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW5219753-6mm
M14I/8370thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW821977M5-M12
M14I/8402thread rolling machine - flat dieMENNGW83L19874-12 mm
M02I/8407trimming machineHILGELANDME2V19782,2-8 mm
M02I/8406trimming machineHILGELANDME4SP19785-12 mm
M02I/8405trimming machineHILGELANDME2V19792,2-8 mm
M02I/8404trimming machineHILGELANDME4SP19795-12 mm
M02I/8403trimming machineHILGELANDME4SP1976/19815-12 mm