Here you can see a list of the machines we already sold in the past. If you chose a machine below, you will be routed to the desired category of available machines.

Offer numberMachine typeManufacturerTypeYOMØ
M08U/84503 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMAAQ-1620-3199418 mm
D46E/7879hexagonal wire netting machineWAFIOSHDS3319700,6-1,6 mm
M08I/84412 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-67519887 mm
M08I/83132 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHIORH12019886-14 mm
M06I/8439double blow headerHILGELANDCH2KHA19625-8mm
M34E/7822nut tapperNUTAPMAS141980M6-M14
D08I/7868straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR2119901-4 mm
M08U/82672 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI SUNACAT81519979 mm
M08U/82632 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-12B198512 mm
M38E/8262pre-drawing machineTECNO IMPIANTISKP26200326 mm
M14U/8258thread rolling machine - planetary dieHYODONG/SAKAMURAHR62008M16-M22
M06E/8254double blow headerSACMASP01c70's4 mm
M08U/82532 die - 3 blow microformerNAKASHIMADAMF22020002,5 mm
M08L/82424 die - 4 blow transfer headerHATEBURBKA219726-14mm
D08I/7780straightening and cutting machineDECOUXDC 6-1319886-13 mm
D34U/7774mesh welderEVGG45/10219764-10 mm
M42I/3535hobbing pressSACK&KIESSELBACH1.00019521.000t
M60L/7271centrifuge/oil separator with heatingWMVZ500500 mm
M42I/3534hobbing pressSACK&KIESSELBACHEP3151966315 t
M60L/6996conveying belt (magnetically)GEPE2001996200 mm
M10E/3515boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONALBM-1.1/8197524 mm
M24I/7431thread roller cylindricalPEE-WEEP20Q20024 - 50mm
M34E/7266nut tapperSHIMAZUSUPER612-20mm
M08E/35262 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNO.1012198019 mm
M38E/7620pre-drawing machineRMG1011-50105-73198917,2 mm
M08E/35272 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALNO.8919878-12 mm
M14I/3513planetary die thread rolling machineINRAMATICGR3/2R19706-12mm
M38E/5714pre-drawing machineRMG67-1587-21198111 mm
M04L/2493pointing machineHARTFORDPOINT FORMER19678mm
M56L/3268spring washer production machineMRPFR6019708 mm
M06E/3306double blow headerFIDEEF-119724-8 mm
M14L/3407planetary die thread rolling machineINGRAMATICGR219713-8 mm
M06I/5871double blow headerHILGELANDCH1NH19706 mm
M06L/3227double blow headerHILGELANDCH1A19693-6 mm
M06L/76081 die 2 blow - header with thread rollerSACMAKSP01/R1985max. 5 mm
M14L/1748thread rolling machineKAYSERPHC19554 mm
M14L/6877flat die thread rolling machineMENNGW2219801-3mm
M06I/8066double blow headerHILGELANDCH4MHA19768-10 mm
M08U/81715 die - 5 blow transfer headerSAKAMURABPF525198415 mm
M24E/8169thread rolling machine - 2 rollsORTRP90199210 - 160mm
D58E/7749chain link fence machineWAFIOSDF31,5-2,8 mm
D38E/7748chain bending machineMRPKBV196316-23 mm
M46E/8156friction srcew pressBALCONIMT199850 to
D12E/7742wire nail pressWAFIOSN613,1-5,2 mm
D40L/7740crimping machineJÄGERKMM19923-7
D06E/7713wire and strip bending machineBIHLERGRM10019857 mm
M08U/81483 die - 3 blow transfer headerNATIONALFX53L17,7 mm
M08U/81452 die - 3 blow transfer headerNAKASHIMADANP12119986-13(15)mm
M08L/81394 die - 4 blow transfer headerSACMASP450M1995/07/1119 mm
M08L/80602 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-6L19836 mm
M06E/8136double blow headerNATIONALM810 HSLS19806-10 mm
M08E/81355 die - 5 blow cold headerNATIONALFC245199127,7 mm
M08I/81295 die - 5 blow transfer headerSACMASP460M199819 mm
M10E/8122boltmaker 4 die 4 blowNATIONALM20 S2 LS90er25,4 mm
D32I/7693spring coiling machineWAFIOSFUL81989/20002,0-9,0 mm
M06E/8115double blow headerSACMAKSP11/R20077 mm
M14L/4139flat die thread rolling machinePELTZER-EHLERSNKW1219706-12mm
D12U/7679tandem - double blow headerWAFIOSND9119992,8-4,5 mm
D12U/7676tandem - double blow headerWAFIOSND9019972,2-3,7 mm
M08E/81034 die - 4 blow transfer headerSACMASP450199719 mm
M60I/8106screw washing machineTECNOFIRMA500 kg/Std
D50L/7673butt welderSTRECKER2B5-12 mm
D50L/7672butt welderSTRECKER1/01-6 mm
D20E/7669multiple wire drawing machine - dryMILLTG9 mm
D34I/7668mesh welderSCHLATTERPG819691,5-6,5 mm
M06L/8098double blow headerNATIONALM56HSLSDSSD19806 mm
D20E/7661multiple wire drawing machine - dryMILLT56,5 mm
D20E/7660multiple wire drawing machine - dryMILLT36,5 mm
M14U/8097thread rolling machine - planetary dieSAKAMURASSR701975M12-M22
M38L/8095pre-drawing machineTECNO IMPIANTISKP16-S20127-16 mm
M06L/8093double blow headerHILGELANDCH2KHAV19684-8mm
M08U/80852 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAT-67519886 mm
M08U/80862 die - 3 blow transfer headerASAHI OKUMAORH8019808mm
M08U/80872 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-4B1980/974 mm
M08U/80882 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAT-45019914 mm
M08U/80892 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI-OKUMAAOT-6B1979/966 mm
D08L/7647straightening and cutting machineWAFIOSR2-3519700,8-2,2 mm
M06I/8074double blow headerHILGELANDC2AZ19764-8 mm
D02L/7621nail-collator on wireTICHONCNT-3120062,1 - 3,5 mm
D02L/7620nail-collator on wireTICHONCNT-3320042,1 - 3,5 mm
M08E/80644 die - 4 blow transfer headerHANREZPRM510-20 mm
M60L/8063Screw StraightenerJUNKERJRA2019896-20 mm
D12I/7597wire nail pressWAFIOSFSP20019701,8-3,8 mm
D46I/7579hexagonal wire netting machineWAFIOSHDS2219700,6-1,6 mm
M38I/8059pre-drawing machineTECNO IMPIANTISKP 819803 -8 mm
M08L/80582 die - 2 blow transfer headerASAHI SUNACAT85519928 mm
M24I/8056thread roller cylindricalPROFIROLLPRX 32 E CNC20046-24 mm
M24I/8055thread roller cylindricalORT2RP1202007200 mm
M24I/8054thread roller cylindricalWMW BAD DÜBENPR 31,5.2-1100 mm
M34I/8053nut tapperWAFIOSMAS33F201716-33 mm
M24I/8052thread roller cylindricalWMWUPWSZ631995/201825-200 mm
D20E/7570multiple wire drawing machine - dryFRIGERIORT46019885,5 mm
M48I/8043bar cropperPEDDINGHAUSCADDY6363 mm max
M14I/8038flat die thread rolling machineINGRAMATICRP5RV19918-16mm
M14I/8037flat die thread rolling machineINGRAMATICRP7RV199824 mm
M14I/8036flat die thread rolling machineSMARTNGW 60201316-30 mm
M14I/8034flat die thread rolling machineHILGELANDTR6V1970M10-M20
M24I/8031thread roller cylindricalWMWUPWS 31.5/21984100 mm
M08I/80305 die - 5 blow transfer headerSAKAMURABPF5601986/200816-29 mm